March 2016

The Hunger Coalition of Otsego County would like to thank and congratulate Ken Dreis of the Richfield Springs Food Pantry at the Church of Christ Uniting for 15 years  of dedicating much time to administrating and coordinating the many volunteers that work there and personally picking up food and bringing it to the pantry. His efforts have helped many food insecure people in the community put food on their tables.

November 2015

Janice Hinkley is the Outreach Coordinator for the St Mary’s Food Pantry in Oneonta, one of the 2 high volume pantries in Otsego County. She not only oversees a staff for the pantry but also coordinates the distribution of food to other pantries in the county and is involved in other food programs as well. Our hats off to Janice whose dedication helps feed many families in Otsego County.

September 2015

The Hunger Coalition would like to thank Lani King of the Richfield Springs Food Pantry at the Church of Christ Uniting for 4 years of dedication and hard work in helping families in the Richfield Springs area get the food resources that they need.

June 2015

The Hunger Coalition would like to thank from left to right Teresa Dobler, Sister Marie Denise, and Ann Enright for dedicating their time and years of service in serving the many families and individuals seeking food assistance at St Marys Roman Catholic Food Pantry at Walnut St in Oneonta.


April - May 2015

From left to right are Jerry Lynch and Steveo Belton. They are two of the hard working volunteers who work regularly at the “Lord’s Table” 5 day a week meal program at Elm St in Oneonta.
Many thanks and appreciation for their service in helping our community.


March, 2015

From left to right, Sharon Haines, Capt Evelyn Hopping, and Fran Wiedeman are the cornerstone and foundation of the Salvation Army on River St in Oneonta. They have uplifted the lives of many children, individuals, and families in our community with their service, dedication, and programs to help feed and assist anyone in need.

Glora “Dee” Mahalick
Dec 10, 1944 – Nov 8, 2014

In memory of Glora “Dee” Mahalick, the Hunger Coalition and the community of Cherry Valley honors the selfless time and devotion she gave to running the Daily Bread Food Pantry in Cherry Valley for 30 years. Her service to the community and her program for clothing many needy children will never be forgotten.



October, 2014
Unadilla Food Panty Volunteers

Volunteers of the month for October are from the Unadilla Food Panty at the Unadilla United Methodist Church.
The volunteers are from left to right; Pat Grays, Dave Rousch, and Bob Conley.
Their humor and enthusiasm make going to the pantry an enjoyable experience! Thank You!!!

September, 2014
Salvation Army Food Pantry

From left to right is Doris Batances, Barbara LaSalle. And Margo Heck. They are volunteers at the Salvation Army Food Pantry on River St in Oneonta. Doris & Barbara are long time volunteers and Margo is new. They work hard and do an excellent job in serving the community on a daily basis.

August, 2014
Summer Food Program

 From left to right we have Fran Puffer, Maureen Giallanzo, Claudia Whitehill, Peg Hall and Laurie Taylor. Without these great women there would be no Summer Meal program in Oneonta. Thank you!!!

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